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This song is by Esthero.

Sweet caress and tender mouth
Kissed her breast, and then he found, he found

Forty days and forty nights, before this day...
Said that she would always be the man, until she found herself

You can't stop her now.

Peace within, or has she seen?
(And you know she will find out) she's gonna find
(She's not too far behind)

Searching for the seering heat
Broke the glass, and stole the fate that she didn't earn...
For the dress she wore that night, to find her there, she found herself

If he could see his way to daylight (x7)

You can't stop her now, you can't you can't
You can't stop her now (x3)

(Speak softer love, in my love, speak softer now, speak soft of love)

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