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Fall Together

This song is by Escape Directors.

I'll take your photo in my hand
Turn it up and inside out
Till there's nothing in between
I wish that could be me
You look fine together

I'll run in circles in my head
And base my thoughts on
What you've said
That I could never be like him
I could never play the part
You work well together

If you say that you know me
You never knew me at all
So I'll rewrite the story
So they won't ever find me

And we'll fall together

I'll sing again, I'll sing out loud
I'll do my best to please the crowd
My vocals cracked and in repair
The notes are frayed, torn to tear
Go without me

If your heart is an ocean
And all my ships are on fire
The tide will tear up the city
And war will continue you
We'll fall together (2x)
We'll all fall down

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