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Thank You (Get It Right)

This song is by Erin O'Donnell.

watching you come down the stairs tonight
our daughter in your arms
hits me like a freight train
it startles me into a song
i've been given more than i deserve
more than i had asked
it took some time to realize
and i'm on my knees at last

Thank you, thank you
for giving me this life
thank you, thank you
i want to get it right

it doens't always go so smoothly
or sometimes even good
it gets broken like the rest of me
and i've rarely understood
but it's shelter from the storm
salvation from the cold
and it's suddenly lit up for me
and i'm ablt to behold


a joining of colored threads
wove into a whole
and this fabric you created
is the finest thing i know

you are so good to me always
but right now i'm taking note
cause looking up the stairs tonight
i feel a burning hope
i might trued things on my own
but i could not have gone far
cause what you give me through this family
is the greatest gift of all

thank you, thank you
for finding me through them
thank you, thank you
i am thankful to the end

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