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Read My Lips

This song is by Erika Paul.

Read My Lips

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "It's About Time"

Rollin' through life not hurtin' no one
Risin' in the mornin' just to have some fun
Workin' real hard and givin' it all
If people don't like it
Read My Lips

First they tell you how to live
Just to make you sweat
Then they tell you where to go
And not to forget
Once you're there, they're elsewhere
As sure as you can bet
You're really on your own dear
Read My Lips

Their advice is "Don't bother"
The world's just too grim
What used to be good
Is now misunderstood
You never will win
The time is right to laugh them off
And jog to the gym
They could knock you off the track
So shake them off your back

Maybe this message doesn't sound real clear
The plan is to be around for more than a year
Would it hurt to crack a smile and squeak out a cheer?
Well good is right, so like it
Read My Lips

Say, good is right, so like it, Read My Lips
Yes, good is right, so like it, Read My Lips!

© 1996 Erika V. Paul


Written by:

Erika V. Paul

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