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​The Arrival (My One And Only Other Girlfriend)

This song is by Erik Goes To Germany.

Verse one:
We'll start this off however I want it to
Let's go in the direction of you wasting my time
And how I never needed you around me, anyway
Now that my ego's been fueled
Let revenge take form
Girl, and you're going down
I'll keep anyone warm
When the stores close down
You left me broken and bruised
You can be off-brand
And she can be brand new
Get your head in the game
You've got something to prove
I'm the prize you attain
So there's something to lose
When the fumbled return
And your stats hold true
I deserve so much better than you
Girl, you belong with me

Beneath the sound bytes and the trickery
We'll break bones and charge a fee
World, I declare a rewrite in this scene
Well, Give me your best shot, girl
'Cause rumor has it you're in for game
I want to see you sweating for my heart
And I want you to show some pain
She's no home wrecker, she's a twist of fate
I'll kill temptation but a dead writer's song gets played
My eyes would have a lot more to say if our lips were locked
And you were less than an inch away
You want me
You need me
When the stores close down
You left me broken and bruised
She can be off-brand
And you can be brand new