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No Pressure (1993)Edit

Erick Sermon - No Pressure

No Pressure

  1. Intro
  2. Payback II (featuring Joe Sinistr)
  3. Stay Real
  4. Imma Gitz Mine
  5. Hostile (featuring Keith Murray)
  6. Do It Up
  7. Safe Sex
  8. Hittin' Switches
  9. Intro
  10. Erick Sermon
  11. The Hype
  12. Lil Crazy (featuring Shadz Of Lingo)
  13. The Ill Shit (featuring Ice Cube and Kam)
  14. Swing It Over Here (featuring Keith Murray and Redman)
  15. Interview
  16. All in the Mind (featuring Soup)
  17. Female Species

Double Or Nothing (1995)Edit

Erick Sermon - Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing

  1. Intro (Skit)
  2. Bomdigi
  3. Freak Out (featuring Redman)
  4. In the Heat
  5. Tell 'Em (featuring Keith Murray and Roz)
  6. In the Studio (Skit)
  7. Boy Meets World
  8. Welcome (featuring Keith Murray)
  9. Live in the Backyard (Skit)
  10. Set It Off (featuring Keith Murray)
  11. Focus
  12. Move On (featuring Passion and Redman)
  13. Smooth Thought (Skit)
  14. Do Your Thing
  15. Man Above
  16. The Message (Skit)
  17. Open Fire (featuring Keith Murray and Redman)

Erick Onasis (2000)Edit

Erick Sermon - Erick Onasis

Erick Onasis

  1. Talk To Me (Intro)
  2. I Do 'Em
  3. Don't Get Gassed
  4. Why Not (featuring Slick Rick)
  5. Live It Up (featuring Redman and Khari)
  6. Hostility (featuring Keith Murray and Redman)
  7. Mastering with E (Skit)
  8. So Sweet (featuring Eazy-E)
  9. Focus (featuring DJ Quik and Xzibit)
  10. Feel Me Baby (featuring Khari and Sy Scott)
  11. Can't Stop (featuring Dave Hollister and Peter Moore)
  12. Get da Money (featuring Ja Rule)
  13. Ain't Shit to Discuss (featuring Noah and Tephlon Da Don)
  14. Sermon (Speech)
  15. Vangundy (featuring Big Kim, Billy Billions, Boe & Ruck, Nolan Epps, PMD and Sy Scott)
  16. Fat Gold Chain (featuring Too $hort)

Music (2001)Edit

Erick Sermon - Music


  1. Rapture
  2. It's Nuttin' (featuring Daytona and Khari)
  3. Come Thru
  4. Music
  5. Skit I
  6. Now Whut's Up (featuring Keith Murray, Redman and Sy Scott)
  7. I'm That Nigga
  8. Genius E Dub
  9. Skit II
  10. Ain't No Future...2001
  11. Do-Re-Mi (featuring LL Cool J and Scarface)
  12. I'm Hot
  13. Up Them Thangs (featuring Cadillac Tah and Keith Murray)
  14. The Sermon
  15. Skit III
  16. Music (Remix) (featuring Keith Murray, Redman and Marvin Gaye)
  17. Headbanger 2001 (featuring PMD)

React (2002)Edit

Erick Sermon - React


  1. Intro
  2. Here I Iz
  3. We Don't Care (featuring Free)
  4. Party Right
  5. React (featuring Redman)
  6. Skit I
  7. To tha Girlz
  8. Love Iz (featuring Gregory Howard)
  9. Go wit Me
  10. Skit II
  11. Hold Up Dub (featuring Keith Murray)
  12. Tell Me (featuring MC Lyte and Rah Digga)
  13. Skit III
  14. S.O.D. (featuring Icarus, Red Café and Sy Scott)
  15. Hip Hop Radio
  16. Skit IV (Khari)
  17. Don't Give Up (featuring Lyric)

Chilltown, New York (2004)Edit

Erick Sermon - Chilltown, New York

Chilltown, New York

  1. Home (Intro)
  2. Wit Ee's
  3. Relentless
  4. Jackin' for Rhymes (Skit)
  5. Street Hop (featuring Redman and Tre)
  6. Chillin' (featuring Talib Kweli and Whip Montez)
  7. Like Me (featuring Khari and Sy Scott)
  8. Matrix (Skit)
  9. God Sent
  10. I'm Not Him
  11. MC One Bar (Skit)
  12. Feel It (featuring Sean Paul and Sy Scott)
  13. Future Thug (featuring Redman and 11/29)
  14. Do You Know
  15. Listen (featuring Keith Murray and Sy Scott)
  16. Hip Hop (Skit)
  17. Can You Hear Me Now

Songs Featuring Erick SermonEdit

Songs from SoundtacksEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. Battle
  2. Beez Like That (Sometimes) - Jamal And Calif
  3. Buy You Some
  4. Focus (Lakers Victory Remix)
  5. Freestyle
  6. How's That
  7. Keep Watchin
  8. Reign

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