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What Fools People Are

This song is by Eric Woolfson and appears on the musical soundtrack Edgar Allan Poe (2009).

A crime has been committed
I call for justice in the name of the Lord
The truth has been subverted
The instigator must be put to the sword
For the God that we serve is a vengeful God
Let me remind you of that!

As for the perpetrator
I will expose him as a cheat and a fraud
For every word he's uttered
Is a deception for an earthly reward
Will he laugh to himself to his dying day
With his last breath will he smile and say...

What fools people are!
What fools people are!
What fools...
People are!

Now God in all His wisdom
Has chosen my voice to deliver His words
The lies of all blasphemers
Will drown in silence, the truth will be heard
And the Arm of the Lord wields a mighty sword
I can assure you of that!

And as for Poe the Sinner
I now will judge him by the faith I hold dear
And after deep reflection
I find him guilty, my conscious is clear
Could his black words be read any other way?
Sometimes I sigh to myself and say...

What fools people are
What fools people are
What fools...
People are!

(Reynolds! Reynolds!)

Say when we joined the army
That he deserted, people don't like a rat
At university,
Thrown out for cheating, they'll all believe that!
If I alter a line, then his poem won't rhyme
Father, forgive me my sins!

And now he stands convicted
I will commit him to the care of the Lord
Forsaken! Forgotten!
A veil of silence, his eternal reward!
Under a dark, everlasting cloud
Sometimes it's hard not to shout out loud

What fools people are!
What fools people are!
What blissfully ignorant fools...
People are!

And if the sheep have a mind to stray
I have to show them the righteous way...

What fools people are!
What fools people are!
What ignorant, bloody fools...
People are!

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