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Tiny Star

This song is by Eric Woolfson and appears on the album Poe - More Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (2003) and on the musical soundtrack Edgar Allan Poe (2009).

Close your eyes and go to sleep, little one
Close your eyes and go to sleep, my baby
I'll be watching over you, the sandman's on his way
Dream about tomorrow and the games you're gonna play
My baby...

The sun is just a tiny star
The moon is not so very far
It's time to say goodnight
Close your eyes, and when you wake, the world will be all right

The stars will not come out to play
I asked them why, they wouldn't say
Until the break of day
Close your eyes, go to sleep, dream the night away

May the Lord watch over you and speed you on your way
Through the dark journey of the night
And if God is listening He'll keep you safe from harm
'Til the dawn embers of the ever-burning, everlasting

Sun, just a tiny star
A moon that's not so very far
So you must sleep and then
Morning comes, dawn will break, the sun will shine again

Morning comes, and when you wake
The sun will shine again...

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