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It Doesn't Take A Genius

This song is by Eric Woolfson and appears on the musical soundtrack Edgar Allan Poe (2009).

It doesn't take a genius to make us feel egregious
By rhyming words like "nevermore"
With "four" and "score" and "chamber door"
And "days of yore" and "more and more"

Etcetera, etcetera
Etcetera, etcetera

You wouldn't think a plagiarist would be so unoriginal
It's more than just offensive,
Why it's positively criminal!
So nevermind the premature, let's get on with the burial!

We've heard it all before!
We've heard it all before!

If some felon steals your jewelry you'd want him locked away,
He's a criminal! He's a criminal!
But if he steals your words and makes a fortune from the play,
He's no genius! He's no genius!

Integrity is all I ask, the jury has a simple task
Reviewing all the evidence, there really can be no defense,
He doesn't have the common sense to be a genius!

A genius... a genius...

A genius is somebody expanding our philosophy
Issuing mediocrity!
Avoiding all verbosity
Avoiding such verbosity

Poe writes of an orangutan who carries out a fiendish plan
Such animal could write the book itself it seems to me!

I've discovered a long-lost continent!
You're a genius! What a genius!
I've decided to run for president!
You're a genius... he's an idiot!

And so my friends we'll all agree this only proves my theory
It doesn't take a genius to be a genius!

No it doesn't take a genius to be a genius!

There really is no doubt at all, he doesn't have the wherewithal
The inspiration,
Of true genius!

(A genius, a genius, a genius...)

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