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Is It You? (Rit)

This song is by Eric Tagg.

Someone's just outside
Knockin' on my door
A stranger, somebody to know

Someone's in my dreams
Can't get it off my mind
I'm tired, of being alone

Someone's there to find,
An easy way inside
Oh come on, I'm right here at home, from the home...

Is it you? (4x)

Who's that deep inside me,
Sneakin' round my heart
Are you, somebody to love?

Show me what your doin'
And tell me who you are
Hey, I'm ready for love, for love

If it's you, come out, let me open,
You don't need to hide your love
And it's you, you know, I'm hopin' of
'Cause it's way, too late to
Run away, don't walk away from love. oh oh

Ad lib:
Is it you? or is it my imagination?

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