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Yes Everyone

This song is by Eric Matthews.

Waiting for the man to come
Take away the sin so very dumb
Hearts born so young, you've heard of bum
Hence where you're coming from

Look into belief that's one
With chaos guiding death for everyone
Yes everyone, 666 is done
I'm on the run

I can't stand still for all the answers
On why or where will judgment come

You can't stand to think that safety's gone
Gone for good is goodness lived in fun
You can't stand to see that light has run
That the light has run away
The light has run away, gone away

Sin you say has closed your eyes

The end unravels just begun
Prepare for that day returning son
His golden son, they equal one
As clocks won't run

Jump and fight the evil one
He resides in the hearts of everyone
Yes everyone, 666 is done
We're on the run

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