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Ideas That Died That Day

This song is by Eric Matthews.

I'd like to be
Under a warm grateful sea
Just somewhere I can talk about it
For the people who don't care to shake it

The sum of true grief
That runs from you to me
Takes a simple laughter, warm to melt it
Sit right down, you've yet to taste it

I'd like to be
Full of unbelievable speech
Saying truth that no one doubts it
For the people never taught to believe it

Never pleasing love comes easy
Loving all the time
Rushing and pushing are part of the ugly
Curtain we must hide and fade to black

Hide away the shame
And never deny the blame
Take a river with rapids lame
Ride to safety it's fake but a game, a game to play

I wish for me
To capture more than I could be
It's not too late to grow and change that
These very songs and let downs made portrait

Stimulate the disease
Kiss the flowers and hear them sneeze
Gently bend down, scrub all her petals
Mop the blood up, knees on those nettles

Like a child this cage is in need
It's barely ten yet body says three
It's off to bed then five hours later
I'll wake to find the day hardly better

It's not so bad to wake and find that
Dreams were just a play
Something tells me in this new age
I might lose this stage and fade to black

Never comes the day
Players out of play
It's never your fault they hate
Ideas that died that day, the day, yeah

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