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Becomes Dark Blue

This song is by Eric Matthews.

Reasons I have, stop me so true
Crossing that line again, weakness leaves little to prove
Heartbreak, it seems so big, becomes dark blue
It's so hard to take, no sweat I'm sure there's someone new

Simple values never lie, a love for reason rarely climbs
Meet and tell all you despise, no one's naked scaled eyes
Scaled eyes, eyes

Systems fade, they get replaced by the ones we hate
It seems wrong we wait, for days in comfort way too late

I can't complain my time in rhyme
I know it's borrowed graves in chime
Lean to sorrow it's time we find
Some golden free time in the sky, sky, sky

Bibles and guides driving me to crossing that road again
Watching and winding so screwed

Someone like you must know the feelings I've named, I've named
Every time I look in her eye, I need to reach out and hold you
You, you, you

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