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The Attitude Song

This song is by Eric Henning.

Our winter has been long
Our winter has been cold
And I think it's fair to say
That our winter has grown old

It sticks its icy fingers inter everything we do
It's time to make a change right now
It's time for something new

So sing it strong/Sing it clear
What do ya say we make today
The best day of the year?
Live it long/live it right
When you make the most of each day
You make the most of life

I guess that is why
The good lord gave us spring
To renew us and remind us
Of all that life can bring

But life moves so damn fast
Sometimes it passes by
But we can grab a hold right now
If we only try

Some things bring us down
And screw up everything
They keep us from soaring
-Like a kite held by a string

But if we can just let go
We can fly away
Let attitude determine
Our altitude today

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