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Walkin' Blues

This song is by Eric Clapton and appears on the live album Unplugged (1992).

This song is a cover of "Walking Blues" by Robert Johnson.
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Walkin' Blues
Woke up this morning
Feel 'round for my shoes,
You know 'bout that babe
Had them old walkin' blues.
Woke up this morning
I feel 'round for my shoes,
You know 'bout that babe
Lord, I had them old walkin' blues.

Leavin' this morning
I had to go ride the blinds.
I've been mistreated
Don't mind dying.
This morning
I had to go ride the blinds,
I've been mistreated
Lord, I don't mind dying.

People tell me
"Walkin' blues ain't bad"
Worst old feeling
I most ever had.
People tell me
"The old walkin' blues ain't bad"
Well it's the worst old feeling
Lord, I most ever had.

Written by:

Robert Johnson

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