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Satisfied Mind

This song is by Eric Bibb and appears on the album Spirit & The Blues (1994).

How many times have you heard someone say:
"If I had his money, I'd do things my way?"
But little do they know that it's so hard to find
One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind

Once I was waitin' in fortune and fame
Everything I dreamed for to get a start in life's game
And suddenly it happened, I lost every dime
But I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind

Money can't buy back your youth when you're old
Or a friend when you're lonely, or a love that's grown cold
The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind

But one thing's for certain, when it comes my time
I'll leave this old world with a satisfied mind
Satisfied mind

Written by:

Joe Hayes

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