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What If We Was Cool

This song is by Eric Benét and appears on the album True to Myself (1996).

What if i made some time to listen
to you
What if you made some time to hear
me too
What if we took the time to realize
Givin' some love is givin' compromise
What if I could show you that my love
is true
Without all these changes we be
going through
What if we learned to play it by the rules

What if we was
Wasn't acting like fools...foools
What if we was
Wouldn't that be cool

What if we tried something not tried
What if we let love open up the door
What if we setr some goals, but not
too high
What if we both agreed to really try
What if we both agreed to really try
What if we knew that we could disagree
But s'til make love the first priority
Show me love like you're suppose to do


Do you hear me baby
'Cause our love is fading
Can I get a messasge through to you
I'm someone to love
What if we had equality for all men

What if we forgot all our forefathers sins
What if you forgot the color of my skin
What if you could wear the skin I'm in

What if we knew that we could disagree
but still make love the first priority
show me love like you're suppose to do


People can you-see
'Cause our love is fading
can I get a message through to you
Can we keep this thing cool
A lot of love we're needing
I'm ready and I'm willing
Don't you know that i s'til think of you
As someone to love

chorus out

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