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Just Friends

This song is by Eric Benét and appears on the album True to Myself (1996).

This feels so worng, I'm so confused
You give me love, but you can't be true
You say you need your space and time
With or without you I'll lose my mind

Oh yes I know if meant to be
In the future we'll be hand in hand
But girl right now you're killing me
'Cause I know you're making love to
Another man

Do you really want to be just friends
Don't you still love me
It's so hard for me to understand
You say you love me

You call me for some time to spend
Just as long as I'm out your door by
Platonic love will have to suffice
Can't bear the thought of you out of
My life

I've tried to end this misery
But I'm always picking up that phone
Swallow my pride, I beg and plead
But you always sing the same ole song,
"We can be friends"

Chorus out

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