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This song is by Eric Benét and appears on the album True to Myself (1996).

Ooh what you do to me (yeah yeah)

Quietly your silhouette appraches me
A vision far too lovely
To deifne
(Hey yeah)
Tenderly you take complete control
Of me
The feminine seduction of body, soul
And mind (yeah)

Touch me and I feel your femininity
Girl you're the lady women want to be
Softly you move when you're making
Love to me
Love me every night with femininity

A child of innocence is how you lokk
At me
But it's the woman's touch that makes it
Feel so right (so right)
Your lips consume my deepest sensitivity
It feels so good it makes me wanna cry
(Makes me cry)

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, Femininity

Let me feel myself inside you once again
I love the way you say it's just for me
A lady in the purest sense of elegance
But when the lights go down girl you're
Making love, string, wild and free

I like the way you take control of me
You have a liittle certain quality
Not many girls would ever dare to be
The lady that you are femininity

Vamp Out

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