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The Fabulous Baker Boy

This song is by Eraserheads and appears on the album Fruitcake (1996).

Baker, baker, baker boy
Bake a girl, bake a boy

They come to me for donuts and blueberry pie
They love my creme merengue
And my fresh baked rye

Have a taste, have a taste
Help yourself, feel free
It's just you and me
In the fabulous bakery yeah (yeah)

Try the maja-blanca and my leche flan
I never use brown sugar or milk from a can

Last Xmas, papa died in a freak baking accident
How I cried
Too much flour and too much yeast
A costly mistake for the perfect fruitcake

The fabulous baker boy, that's me
Yeah, that's me

Good morning mr baker boy
Good morning to you sir
And welcome to the bakery
Oh thank you but you know
As a baker myself I'm always partner
What are some your secret ingredients
For your fantastic fruitcake?
First you have to love what you doing.
Ofcourse you have to love what you doing
Of course but ah what else? what actually
Technical matters you know.
First you have to taste it on what you doing.
Ok I think the next thing you
Going to say is to smell on what you doing.
No next is you have to love yourself and feel free.
Feel free to do on what part?
Feel free to have a taste and hop yourself in
Ah ok.feel free to taste and to take a bite.
This is very very important.
Yeah! take a bite of a fruitcake
But wait a minute before you take a
Bite of a fruitcake you have to bake a fruitcake first right?!
Yes starting baking the fruitcake we need fruits correct?
Aahmm.yes.that is also correct.
That's a nice job
Yeah! that's a very very good song
Those fruits came from my friend the fruit fairy
Ah he or she ah she...
He lives around the corner around the bend
Ok ok ok.ok so what else the possible secret for the
Fruitcake that you made, shall we
See oh my good friend the mother packers
Wait a minute I'm beginning to bother
Are you treating the one who makes the fruitcake or
Is it the one that you're in
I actually order it from the swiss house
Then I repackaged them here
Wait a minute wait a minute
So that means you don't actually makes a fruitcake?
I suppose to be the one who makes the fruitcake?

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