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​On The Other Side

This song is by Equirhodont and appears on the album Equirhodont Grandiose Magus (2003).

My Father finished. From the throats of other Magi and Warlocks I heard the accordant: "Go and Create!" Everything was devoured by Darkness and me, Equirhodont, was left alone. Since that time I have never seen my Father again or anybody of the Counsellors. But it is always this way, when I am born somewhere once more.

They say there is nothing!
There, on the other side!
They say there is nobody!
There, on the other side!

But We are living there!
There, on the other side.
Nobody knows that We are there!
There, on the other side.

I created a nation I called Kärgeräs. It was my initial work and what was its fate you must know, because Dwarves spoke a lot about it. I wasted plenty of Time by my fighting against Other Forces, despite Time have never played an important role in my Being. But I missed it. You'll never get rid of Other Forces anyway. They are here, because We are here as well.