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Channeling Divine Creations

This song is by Epicurean and appears on the album V.II R.VI (2003).

Blow flows from the hands of the crucified
Time succumbs to failure
What exists in the minds of the dignified
Whilst shattering your savior
Less blessed are the dreams of eternal life
Inequities of the lustmord
Uprising of the ignorant masses
Façade of divine behavior

Father of the winds, mangled and tortured
Cries in consternation
Faith buried with the lord of all desires
Era bathed in conflagration now

Generation lost in chaos
(Of) shadows, light, depth, dimension
Foretold, yet fatally ignored
Morose is the human inflection
Blasphemy in the name of evolution
Brought down with the deviance of horror
Ill-fated needless execution
Irreverent futile exaltion

Master of the ages mended through wisdom
Their glory has departed
Restless bane of tyranny rising
Shadows marred in esoteric rage
For he has been reborn

Channeling Divine Creations

Back from oblivion to eradicate the faithless
Instill in hearts of men: fear of retribution
Fire sears away the mortal flesh
Blistered and torn by wrath

Expedite their release from the earthly coil
Deny existence through unearthly detriment
Bring for thy shadow, bring forth thy key
Unveil thy mystery

Channeling Divine Creations

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