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Ceremonies Of The Moon

This song is by Epicurean and appears on the album V.II R.VI (2003).

A cold, emotionless existence
Sordid perception
Oblivious to common fear
Confined to embrace darkness
An epitaph of emptiness
Spellbound, lightless reflection
Tedious, sightless, carnivorous
Born in the un-world drowning in lightning

Entranced by the moon
I seek to be alone in serenity
Led by the cold, thy life that's been
My time awaits to dream again

Exiled to solitude, forever
Impermeable consciousness
Irreverent, blacklisted apostasy
Life through darkness
Defiant fortitude, projected on others
Reason: sacrifice sentiment
Preaching logic falls on deaf ears

Frozen is the river of a thousand lies
Betrayed by tradition
Captive, are the blinded, by their own words
Enslaved to conformity
Rapture, the emotions of a hallowed mind
Suffocating acerbity
Illusion, fallacy of reverential thought
Sequestered to infamy

Solitude lies, solace denied
Why must I be always alone
Leaving behind all I have known
Ceremonies of the moon

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