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George Washington vs. William Wallace

This song is by Epic Rap Battles of History and appears on the album Season 3 (2014).

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George Washington
There's a difference between you and me, Willy
I fought till I was actually free, Willy
I got my face on a quarter, you got drawn and quartered
Tortured on the orders of a king, really?
How'd you get beat by a dude named Longshanks?
You hot dogged and he cut off your bean franks
I'm money like a national bank, ain't nobody more street than Big G
Stone face with a grill of sheep teeth, a Mel Gibson movie is your legacy
I got a state and a day and a D.C, (Stroke) roll up in a boat
(Stroke) You're sleeping, cut your throat
(Stroke) I'll watch the blood flow, now who's got that Redcoat?

William Wallace
Look at you in your little blousy outfit
Looking like a stiffer white dick than your monument
I'll knock you the fuck out, mate
You died owning slaves, I died setting men free (Scot free)
That's the highland way, this powdered prick couldn't beat me in a foot race
I was emasculated, eviscerated
I had my head chopped off and they put it on a pike
But I still find time to bust a Gaelic rhyme
I'll rip your Yankee Doodle arse on the mic
I'll knock your face off your moolah, Alba gu bràth (Gu bràth) Hoorah (Hoorah)
Founding Father, but no children
Crossed the Delaware but your soldiers couldn't swim
That's Washington, such a shite tactician
The fucking British Army didn't even want him
I'm Wallace and I'm flawless
Stay hidden in your office or suffer great losses
I pop my kilt, strap my sword in my hilt
Step on the battlefield and I'm ready to kill
Send all your politicians straight down to hell
The only Washington I trust; Denzel

George Washington
Is that the best you got for me?
I'll chop down an MC like a cherry tree
See, power, that's what the meaning of my flag is
Your nation's famous for golf and haggis
I'm fabulous from my head to my shoebuckle
Step to me, and catch a knee to the mooseknuckle
'Cause I know you don't wear no draws
I'm dressed like a pimp, best moves in at the ball
McGlavin, McGliven, McSchool you all
Cock block more Scots than Hadrian's Wall

William Wallace
I don't give a shite about your fancy clothes
You whipped all those out of slave black folks
Grew weed and you made hemp rope
But if you think you'll beat me, you must be having a smoke
No joke, don't tee off with me, laddie
If you held my balls, you couldn't be my caddie
My style's ice cold, yours is old and shabby
You're the Father of Your Country, but I'm your daddy