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New Thing

This song is by Enuff Z'Nuff and appears on the album Enuff Z'Nuff (1989) and on the live album Live (1997).

Information came about her,
Suddenly I live without her.
Turn my stereo up louder,
I don't want to hear about her.
Took myself a small vacation,
Kind of on investigation.
Checking out a new sensation,
Finding much invigoration.
Hand is on the buzzer
And I'm walking through the door.

Get high on a new thing.
Get high on a new thing.
Get high, high on a new thing.

Everybody wants to find it,
Just they're all so narrow-minded.
See a hill, they've got to climb it,
May be pots of gold behind it.
Worry, worry is your answer
If you like your wrinkles faster.
Nursing old things make them last
The way we did it in the past,
With everybody telling you,
"You ain't got no respect!"

Repeat Chorus.

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