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The Cemetery Horrors

This song is by Entrails and appears on the album Raging Death (2013).

In the black cloak of night they arrive
A secret coven, a congregation of the dead
Born from the dark that keeps the alive
Why they're summoned remains unsaid

Into the darkness
Where light does not reach
A thick fog is coming near
Only the eerie moonlight the beseech
Born from evil, born without fear

Voices from the grave
Shadows from beyond
Rise from beneath
To terrify the night

Voices from the grave - the cemetery horrors
Shadows from beyond - the cemetery mist
Rise from beneath - the cemetery horrors
To terrify the night - the cemetery fright

Graves dug up, caskets unveiled
The dead is awakened on this night
From their mouths, evil is exhaled
A shapeless essence, a wretched fright

The souls of the dead are gathering here
Entwined in a vortex of screams
Lurking now beyond death, beyond fear
Nothing is what it seems

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