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The Underminer

This song is by Entombed A.D. and appears on the album Back To The Front (2014).

Legends tell of unearthly terror
It all began with unhuman error
Oh it's a cold embrace
Win or lose
It's the deal you must face
Rumors of the doomsday as a hideous creature
Spreading amongst the village people
Oh when the omen sang
Echoing from miles around
Fire lit the sky and thunder shook the earth
Swallowing the village in whole
The underminer
Undertaker of the living
The incarnation of fear

Regimen politicum
Regimen regale
The beast of the underworld reigns with power
Oh it's a cursed embrace
Live and die
In the shadow of the underminers might
Legends fall at the sword of the earth
Children meet their maker on the day of their birth
Watching the world with contempt
Fools go in the minds of their own
People fear the underminer
Fear the earth itself
The undertaker
Sinkhole surging, crop destroying
Ripping, killing
Eating at the spring

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