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This song is by Entombed and appears on the album To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth! (1997).

Sudden low of an all time high
Willing to believe whatever gets me by
So, I got with the winning team
But nothing ever seem to be what is seems

O yeah! Well I don't care!
I'm just too busy getting from here to there

I put my hand over the flame
Now, nothing would ever be the same
One day it's there - one day it's gone
But I still feel like I'm the lucky one, yeah!

Y'know how they say, "hey, don't rock a boat if you're in it"
Well, the ship we're all in babe, is sinking by a minute
They say, "hey, it's all a bunch of bull!"
Well, it's just what I've heard but they shoot every bird
That don't sing beautiful

Everyday victory, everyday peace
Just them little, little things that keeps you off your knees
Sunshine of a smile, subtle if you please
Them little victorys - will keep you off your knees

Come have a listen to what they got to say
Y'know me, I'm just glad when it comes my way
They say, "hey, we only hurt the ones we love"
Well, it's not the kind of comfort I was thinking of

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