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Lights Out

This song is by Entombed and appears on the album To Ride Shoot Straight & Speak (1997).

Midnight, the subway train is here
there's a body on the tracks, but you're trying not to care
sensationally wicked it roars on thru in the night
"Look mom that body's got no head
it's covered in blood, do you think the man is dead?"
Your stomach turns, it itches and burns in the night

It's the devils night out, do you dare?
There ain't no hide out do you hear?

Look out! He picks out his gun, pulls the trigger with frustration
stupidity aside it rings out with the blast in the night
A blown out brain decorates the wall
Goddamn I thought I'd seen it all
rush to the sink, they don't care what you think in the night

It's the devils night out, do you dare?
It turns you inside out with fear!

Time heals no wounds it just won't pass
there ain't no promises that will last
The world's a ghoul and you are it's shovel in the night
And it goes without saying
no man will walk without praying
but it will do you no good unless you've understood
what's going down here in the night

It's the devils night out, do you dare?
And they've turned the lights out do you hear!?

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