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Full of Hell

This song is by Entombed and appears on the album Wolverine Blues (1993).

I've got a 24-lane highway
Going straight thru my head
A peace of mind like a brainstorm
And thoughts that knocks me dead

I've got sympathy for the devil
And demon is in my vein
I'm organized chaos
But don't call me stupid I'm insane

At my worst I'm at my best
Wide awake but let sanity rest
I'm full of hell
All kinds of hell

I've got a heart like a graveyard
They're dying to get in
I'm from alot of different places
And I'm full of hell and sin
I'm offended by human nature
Was told the truth by someone who lied
There are times when not being human
Would be a source of inner pride

In my heart and deep within
I've got it's fire under my skin
I'm full of hell
All kinds of hell

Music by:

Alex Hellid

Lyrics by:

Alex Hellid

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