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The Final Architect

This song is by Enthroned and appears on the album Obsidium (2012).

Before myself, no god was created as there will be none after me
It is I, who became eternal
It is I who claimed, did and overcame

It is I who is a god!
This is what I am... since the beginning and except for this fact, there is no saviour... no saviour coming for thee!

There is no affection but for the ones of my kin
I will not hide my thought nor will I open the halls of discreation within this rotten, grounds of Earth

May the priests chans the usurper's gospels
May the scourges of enslavements cry all out for war
Look for me endlessly, as I am the image within... the mirror you are staring every morning

Me, the eternal, the outspoken one;
The architect of truth, me, the god o my realm
The looser within your gasp I proclaim what is right!
This have I spoken!
Me; the god of my realm

At the very Place where I've been waiting for myself in this forgotten Place
No one ever waited for me but te own chose path of experience...

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