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Oracle Ov Void

This song is by Enthroned and appears on the album Obsidium (2012).

Lost and blind through desert sand.
Enlighten by the secret eye,
Pale horns shining through dense black corridors,
A sacred fire burning,
A sacred fire burning inside, to self-wisdom.

A path has shown crossroads to the void.
A path has shown crossroads,
A translucid dreaming.

Quintessence: a voice of silence
Crawling within the nature
Of self evocative serpents fire.

I am the flame: I am the gate
And the key of hidden mysteries,
Of unknown visions,
Of unspoken words!

Beyond the gateless gate,
A sun... an eye... an opal eve...
Lo Sethos!

I am the flame: I am the gate
And the key...
I am all.
I am nothing.

Upon the sea of stone I float,
Under the desert and I shall burn.
Wooden mirrors masked
In pale faceless forms
Grey shadows, show me the path.

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