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Of Shrines And Sovereigns

This song is by Enthroned and appears on the album Sovereigns (2014).

...Preserve me, O Mankind!
For in thee do I put my works
O my left hand, thou hast said unto me
"Thou art my Lord"
My labour extended not to thee
But to the forms that dwells beyond your reach!
Their sorrows shall be multiplied
That hasten after another "god"

Zagon... Zagam... Taurus Rege Cathedram!

"O Lord", as you named me
I am the portion of thy inheritance
I maintain your lot
Prey to me... in this very place
Here, anywhere...

I shall bless you with menstrual blood
And by the wretched carcass of Joshua
I shall never be moved.

Zagon... Zagam... Taurus Rege Cathedram!

Thus spoke Zagan

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