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This song is by Enthroned and appears on the album Pentagrammaton (2010).

Son of Nut
Lend unto me the magic of thy five divine letters:
I shall in your name and the names of your name break the ties of Maat

Hear me now utter your most holy names of power and come, come, come forth

Io Sut! Xeper!
Guide my steps...
Io Sut! Xeper!
Upon the unseen light...

Io Sut! Xeper!
Red lord of the desert!
Io Sut! Xeper!
Io Sut! Xeper!
Xeper I Set

I channel myself with thee in order to undermine
I shall in your name and names of your name
Fill my heart with hope to be at one
With maddening Shaadinkh nightmares