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Baal Al-Maut

This song is by Enthroned and appears on the album Sovereigns (2014).

As the sounds grow distant
I welcome you onto me.
Do not suppress your desires
And let them lead you to me
I'll adorn thy garment of flesh
And you'll see with my immortal sight

Do not fear the rush of thoughts
Taste my words as credulous flavours.
Smell the taste of decay
And let your reflexion materialize
In front of our two eyes... in front of our two eyes!

Thou shall name me Azraa-eel...

I shed tears of light and gather souls in my midst.
Don't hesitate to walk and reach out
For my memories with me, to understand what I feel.

You & I will speak, fantasize
I will show you how to
Smelt decay into a Light of Darkness
We shall be a wave that will consume it all,
A wave that will wash away all scourges and innocence.
And like me thou shall be named... Azraël.

Thus spoke Azraël

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