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Traces O' Red (1999)Edit

Enslavement Of Beauty - Traces O' Red

Traces O' Red

  1. In Thro' the Cave of Impressions
  2. Traces O' Red: The Fall And Rise Of Vitality
  3. Be Thou My Lethe And Bleeding Quietus
  4. Dreams
  5. Something Unique
  6. The Poem Of Dark Subconscious Desire
  7. Eerily Seductive
  8. My Irreverent Pilgrimage
  9. And Still I Wither
  10. I Dedicate My Beauty To The Stars

Megalomania (2001)Edit

Enslavement Of Beauty - Megalomania


  1. Dainty Delusive Doll
  2. The Venial Blur
  3. Late Night, Red Wine Blight
  4. Malignant Midwinter Murders
  5. Comme Il Faut
  6. Benign Bohemian Brilliance
  7. Prudence Kept Her Purity
  8. Seven Dead Orchids
  9. The Dying Buds Of May
  10. Fifteen Minutes
  11. Ye That Tempteth, Ye That Bequeth
  12. C17-H19-NO3-H2O
  13. Tangled In Grand Affection
  14. Crowd Of Mourners

Mere Contemplations (2007)Edit

Enslavement Of Beauty - Mere Contemplations

Mere Contemplations

  1. A Study Of Love And Metaphors
  2. X And Moments
  3. The Perilous Pursuit Of Volition
  4. Exit There; And Disappear
  5. An Affinity For Exuberance
  6. Abundance Extends To Lush
  7. I Raise My Craving Hands
  8. Nostalgia Grows
  9. Impressions
  10. 11:23pm

The Perdition (2009)Edit

Enslavement Of Beauty - The Perdition

The Perdition

  1. A Kodak Kiss
  2. I Treasure The Sadness
  3. Lush
  4. Severely Flawed
  5. Mirror Souls
  6. I Descend To Perdition...

Other SongsEdit

  1. My Irreverent Pilgramage
  2. Traces O' Red - The Fall And Rise Of Vitality

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