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This song is by Ensign and appears on the album The Price Of Progression (2001).

Tune it to a different station
We've all heard this shit before
Less talk more rock is all you seem to want
You choke the life out of the message
Any validation just gets stripped away
What sets us apart is a strong frequency
Avoid confrontation by sneaking out the back door
Do you remember how this made you feel
Less talk is all you want to hear
You change what you believe with the trends from year to year
Has this all become a waste of time
Has this all become a fucking waste of time
Between the songs can you break the silence
No thought, dead air and nothing but static

Tune it to a different station

It's time to rearrange the playlist
Speak out against the silence
Take the meaning and revive it
Can you hear it can you hear it
Or has it all been lost