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​Spectrum Of Colours

This song is by Enola Gay and appears on the album F.O.T.H. (1995).

Rhythms, rhymes
Verses always haunting me
Sounds, voices, drums are there where I be
Try to keep it all in my mind
This one will all be left behind
Bass and breaks
Changes are the things I see
Slow and fast
Grooves and beats are made for me
Searching for the sound of my soul
I don't need no silence anymore

Piece by piece
I join it together, note for note
Blue or red? Green is far too quiet for me

The Spectrum of Colours
Find the way to my ear
The Spectrum of Colours
I am so near

I need something to fill me up
I don't want it to bring me down
There is something
That spins all around in my head
I feel the notes, it sounds like thunder
I see the rainbow, it comes like fire
And now I see the picture comes clear
The way to my ear
...Spectrum of Colours