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Sick Society

This song is by Enola Gay and appears on the album Strange Encounter (1999).

Do you really believe in this world
Where all the children are crying out for help
Do you really trust, do you really trust in our laws
Where all the victims are dead and gone
Are they dead and gone?

Why is it always too late?
Why doesn't love conquer hate?

Another murder, another crime
Shows what happens all the time
We're livin' in a sick society

Sin 's not a question of who
Sin is a question of what we've missed to do
Can't see the difference between wrong or right
Cryin' now for law and order
There is only one thing left for you
There's a face in the mirror and the face is you
You've got to face the truth

Hell, what's going on here
This is not the place I adore
Wake up, wake up
No ... it's black!?
Where have you been, where are you
Please get me out of here
I can't stand this
Is it me? No, not me, no...

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