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Now Or Never

This song is by Enola Gay and appears on the album F.O.T.H. (1995).

Imagine there is no law
Which you must been livin' for
Nobody orders you
What's wrong or what is right

One day without rules
Just one time without schools
We would celebrate this independent day

Cry out - what you want
And you have a good time
Cry out - What you like
Enjoy the good time

Let me live my own way
Let me dream for one day
I am tired of it all - can't you see?
It's my own destiny
What I do to be free
The time has come to live my dream
It's now or never today

Don't care what people say
It's only your own day
Think about it, you've got nothing to lose

Take all what you can get
This day will never come back
It's up to you the world is in your hand

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