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​Never Be Without A Friend

This song is by Enola Gay and appears on the album F.O.T.H. (1995).

Here I am my friend
There's nothing to pretend
You've called my name
And I'll be there for you

Tell me what you've done
Or where you did go wrong
I hope you know
That I will never leave you alone

Never be without a friend
He is the support for your life
I hope you'll never be without a friend

I look out of the window
I look up to the sky above
It feels so good
To know that you're my friend

No one will stop us now on our journey
Real friendship's forevermore
That's my way I'm livin' for

Ask me and you will see
That you can count on me
Remember the time
When I was in your place

Together we stand or fall
So please trust in me
I will believe in you as you believe in me