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​Last Generation

This song is by Enola Gay and appears on the album F.O.T.H. (1995).

There are moments in my life, oh my god
I can't believe my eyes
All what I hear and see is misery,
There're all fuckin' lies,
We pray for the children, they're so nice
We're singing lullabies,
Tomorrow they will go for war to bring
Them down, just don't know why

They have to stand for what we've left
Behind - We beg for mercy
Give us a chance to make things all right
Forgive our sins we just...

Pray for the last generation
They hold the world in their hands
Pray for the last generation
They have the final command

Sons and daughters free from sins
Full of hope and life
Can't realize their dreams
'Cause it's not what it seems to be
We're all have raging minds

We give birth to a child, can not hide, have
To turn our way
Still too proud? Change your mind
If you're wise
Please get off their fate.