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The Ladie's Valley

This song is by England and appears on the album Garden Shed (1977).

(Based on the text in Boccaccio's Decameron)

There's a place close at hand that will touch you with its beauty
A lovely vale, hid from view that only ladies will know
Aa-aa, aa-aa-aa, etc

Now the gateway to the vale must be entered by the straight road
And the beauty of the trail overwhelms you as you lie low
Whence there issues forth a fine crystal current that will charm you
And its pleasantness divine exceeds all other things or so I'm told
And the ladies were willing to go
Aa-aa, aa-aa-aa, etc

There are hills to climb... The six hills to climb

Somewhere further up the vale 'twist the cleavage of two mountains
Runs a truly fine canal into the waters of a cool fountain
And the ladies were swimming below
Aa-aa, aa-aa-aa, etc

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