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Fags, Booze & Lottery

This song is by England and appears on the album Garden Shed (1977).

Well the best things in life, they ain't free
They cost money. Money: that's all you need
Fags, and booze, and the lottery
I don't care what it costs: it's the life for me

Now life in the twenty-first century
Will be all about takin'... just you see
Thou takest from me and I'll take from thee
And I'll spend it on fags, booze and the lottery

'Ere' what's worse? Goin' on demo...
Or 'avin' to work every day to stop the worry
Of wonderin' if... you've got enough money
Meanwhile, the clerks, accountants, managers
Can be sure of a job
To take the worry away. And the tax on food

On fags, on beer pays for...
Fousands of slaves... to do pointless jobs
While the people in control can pilfer millions
Of pounds to keep themselves in power

Oy! Did I catch you skivin'? Duckin' and divin'

Money makes the world go-a-'round-and-'round
Like a roulette wheel or a merry-go-round
Better earn some money to be sure to be free
To smoke and drink away the profits on the lottery

I don't care about anyone: 'part from me
I don't care about anyone (he don't care)
I don't care about anyfing else but me
And fags and booze and gamblin' on the lottery

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