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In Praise of More

This song is by Engineers and appears on the album In Praise of More (2010).

Take your place today,
What's gonna be the best release that you can feel?
Life's a lesson that you can't leave.
Watch the final frame
Where you can steal your own remains,
What's on your plate?
Try not begging, fortune can wait.

You've won a race where there's nobody running.
To a place that you're never gonna see.
In the rain and the wrong foot is running
You could win and be running again.

Pushing it away,
The perfect opportunity,
Forever blown, waited too long,
That bird has flown.
Fulfillment of a shoreline dream,
You had a choice,
What would you give to hear that voice?

And there's someone else that you cannot see.
You must wait for them like you wait for me.
It's their presence that makes your dreams so sweet,
You will change quickly with the wind.


Written by:

Mark Peters, Simon Phipps and Ulrich Schnauss

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