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​Depth Perception

This song is by Engine Down.

I woke up in a panic
Deciding factor to better myself
If it takes more effort
I left it behind in disregard

A closer look before moving on
At what you thought you felt all along
You take back everything you said
The end you see
Again you speak
A desperate act
To retract

From your mouth came a promise
That you don't seem to notice
Your lips formed words
That can't be retracted
So why can't you hear?
The words you said, dear
You made so clear
Why can't you hear them now?
Why can't you hear?

In the long run you came up shorthand
Free for a second chance
Routine wastes no time to stop when asked
When did you remember his name?
In the brief moment away
To take on this silence you made
We will never know how it was meant
To be