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This song is by Engelsstaub and appears on the album Malleus Maleficarum (1993).

A solar eclipse burns in my eyes, around are clouds to cover me
Deep darkness in my wound makes the pain glow my flesh
All thoughts of yesterday rise out of it

I live by night to die by day, life for ages with endless death
I faint - no chance to defence
Pain reaches my body - deeper and deeper
A life full of suffering and death
Oh, you pain - a feeling I can remember
Over the centuries I've had to suffer
Never reborn to suffer that

Never rescued by grateful death
And with each painful stab memories of agony return
They make me believe that I'm still living
With senses tasting my crushed body
A gentle storm will take my ashes through the centuries away
To be reborn everyday

I die for sun - I die for moon - I die for rain
I die for night - I die for birth - I die for life
I live for love - I live for pain - I live for death

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