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Lost Purity

This song is by Engelsstaub and appears on the album Malleus Maleficarum (1993).

I feel a presence but there's no one around me
It makes my eyes rise to heaven above and I feel temptation
Earth is trembling - I open my mind
Two bodies collapsing with tears of blood
Broken wings betrayal to God?

I try to touch the sky when I see his face
He opens my scar with memories
His tears cover the desert like angel's hair
Little fairies grow out of their precious pearls

Glimmering wind cross the oceans
Away you chimeras of honest love, of honest love
Souls intoxicated by love dart through my body I shiver

Silent are the tears of my lost purity but never shed
I'm still searching for the ultimate perfection

Thedarkness of the sun blinds the eyes of this restless vagabond
I portray beautiful pictures of pain with the blood of innocent creatures
Life is to cruel to die

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