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This song is by Engelsstaub and appears on the album Anderswelt (1999).

Faerieland - between the earth and the sea between night and day
A place between the others and the next
Faerieland - the gateways are prime ways into the Otherworld
There's a threshold inside you have to cross

Standing within a doorway, one's neither in one place or next,
Neither outside nor indoors: will you find your way?
So let these shadowed strangers leading you to the path
Into the realms of nature, into this mystical land

Faerisland - it's enchanted forests, it's the Shadowworld
Where Faeries live in midnight revelry
Wavering wings - a gentle gleam of sound makes the air trembling
Nature reveals its secret just for you

WHen in the very west dawn's fire has died away
And night-dew twinkles fresh and silvery in the moonlight
Then you can see them dancing under the firmament
Until thw sword of sunrise lets their fragile beauty die

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