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Dream Demon

This song is by Engelsstaub and appears on the album Igniis Fatuus (1994).

Often I found my disappeared fortune in a
Nocturnal vision but it left me standing
Hopeless the same time just an alert dream
In daylight. On the run from time and space
My soul searched for shelter just in this
Dream. Oh, this dream was often my
Companion in this world of agony and
Confusion. He met me in my loneliness.
Sometimes - from afar - the glimmering
Twilight misteaded my mortal coil in my
Search for truth. And one day I found my true
Dream: beyond time and space stretched
Out an obscure land and on a black throne
Ruled a demon, called the night. I continued
To pace the land guided by a host of black
Angels. Mounting fall abruptly - yawning
Jaws. Oceans without coasts but with waves
Foaming in the burning sky and lakes with
Calm black waters. Everywhere a befooled
Odow of sad and pale lilies. I sat down on a
Cliff. I listened to the eternal whisper of the
Land of the dead. Then on the horizon Christ
Appeared. He was wrapped in his bloody
Shroud. The black angels began to sing and
Sad lilies died. Am I awake?

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